The international art exhibition «¡WARNING!» within the annual festival of audiovisual art “Tetramatyka”. The project is dedicated to establishing communication cannels between young Ukrainian and Russian artists, who speak on the latest geopolitical events.

¡WARNING! – is a hallway to a dialog between young Ukrainian and Russian artists, who reflect on geopolitical situation of resent year and choose new technologies as their creative medium. The idea of the project includes a research of an anthropological cut that is internal transformations occurring with a human on both sides of the barricades. Works chosen for the project anatomically depict injures, phobias, disorders and neuroses, gained by human being in the form of ideological liability, loss of critical thinking and self identification, sense of guilt, premonition of disaster, morbid distrust. From the other hand works of young artists criticize the maneuvers of propaganda machine, human constraint in the police state, Ukraine’s position in the international political games as an object (not a subject).
At the same time the New Media project ¡WARNING! is a sign of caution, warning of the necessity of preservation and resumption ways of mutual understanding: in global, professional and interpersonal levels. One must be vigilant and remember that New Media were made by humanity in order to establish communication channels, not to discredit and destroy it!
Within the project it will be held a round table discussion “Beyond the propaganda” with Ukrainian and Russian artists, the participants of the exhibition «¡WARNING!».
The goal and main task of the discussion “Beyond the propaganda” is start a dialog between Russian and Ukrainian artists, who estimate recent geopolitical events. What is an important that the table will make a possibility for open dialog between spectators of the project and its participants. It will be a live communication (not mediated by mass media propaganda actively used by both conflicting sides) between real people.

Yanina Prudenko [Kyiv, Ukraine] – the curator of the project























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