A century ago at the beginning of 1910 number of style revolutions stirred up art world, and world culture heritage was extended with outstanding works of new art, that became exemplars for further art development during XX century.
Exactly 100 years ago after futuristic manifestation of literators and painters a manifest by Luigi Russolo was written, where an attention was turned to a necessity of applying machines and new technologies in a world of music.  
Nowadays, a sphere of new media – works that widely use new IT technologies, becomes a significant trend in a world art.
Barriers between artists and technique world are disappearing in Western Europe like a century ago. 
Programmers and engineers cooperate with painters and musicians in creation new art works, and multimedia becomes an important platform for new computer possibilities presentation.   
Unfortunately these spheres do not cross in Ukraine, what estranges us from wide world culture process.

The TETRAMATYKA audio visual art festival is concentrated not only in music and visual art interaction but on showing potential of IT technologies applying in art works.
















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