Andrzej Wasilewski

Faculty of Culture and Arts Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Desaparecidos (Spanish „Disappeared”)
Interactive installation, 2016

Desaparecidos  (Spanish „Disappeared”) – disappeared persons, victims of political persecution at the time of right-wing military government in Chile and Argentina, whose fate is unknown. The torture equipment, so often used by right-wing myrmidons, was the piano instrument connected to electric power. I have just made use of this instrument form to construct my interactive installation built of destroyed piano in my artwork. Pressing keys, instead if music, different sentences are switched on, quoted original archival material. Speakers: Jorge Rafael Videla, Augusto Pinochet, Adolf Hitler, Bogdan Chazan, Tadeusz Rydzyk, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Abbot Herwegen, cardinal Pacelli, cardinal Faulhaber, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump


Born in 1975 in Torun (PL), he lives in Poznan (PL), works in Szczecin (PL) (Academy of Art).
Graduated from Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (PL), the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2000.
Specialises in installation, video and audio, paintings, drawings, photography, creates spatial and electronic objects.

Andrzej Wasilewski pursues fully autonomic art, where the main trail is multidirectional perception and criticism of modern reality. A landmark of Wasilewski’s art is its technological form (systems composed of many cables, monitors, displays and mechanisms), conveying humanistic essence with the moral message (political, social, ecological, catastrophic). In such constructed transmission, the aesthetics of global culture – both mass and niche – constitutes an inevitable part. Omnipresent pop culture, remade and placed in a new way, in Wasilewski’s works takes
on a sinister dimension. It also triggers artist’s autoreflection, an artist, who, in almost every work, asks questions about the point of artistic work, ‘paintings’ reduplication and creative replication. That is why, his realisations are always extremely personal, what together with their cultural and theoretical background constitutes a complex, autoironical when interpreted, but at the same time formally effective art.
One of the most distinguishing features of Andrzej Wasilewski is criticism and deconstruction of mass culture, understood as a collective agreement, illusion, or even a lie. In Wasilewski’s works this deconstruction puts
on a form of fake mask of the circle of Western Civilisation, which the author tears off. The artist traces
its falsifications through the quotations from the official media iconography and different fields such as high culture or politically correct media, negated or ignored (video games, subcultures aesthetics, anarchy). Very often all those themes fulfill each other, creating a multileveled story about the modern world.
Przemyslaw Jedrowski