Anna Tyczyńska

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Video: loop
I like this moment when the birds lay down to sleep. They fall on the trees, as a black, sticky, shouting rain … They shiver and push each other in search of a better place to stay.
Once in the park, a loud shot picked them up from a sleepy shuffle, forcing them to panic, helpless escape. Fear, anxiety, breaking out of safety… A multiplicity picture of scared birds is a metaphor for human fears – both individual and collective, in the face of danger.


 Artist working in the field of installation, object and photography.

Born in Warsaw, graduated (MA) from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan; diploma in painting and drawing in 1990. Associate Professor at the University of Arts Poznan, works at the Art Education Faculty. Runs the II Interdisciplinary Drawing Studio and teaches at the Curatorial Studies (WEA). Between 2002 and 2007 worked as a curator and co-runner with ON Gallery in Poznan.

She participated in more than 40 individual exhibitions and nearly 90 group exhibitions in Poland  and abroad (eg Sehion Suginami, Tokyo / Japan 2002, CSW Castle / Warsaw 2003; Faust Gallery, Hannover / Germany 2004; Frauen Museum, Bonn / Germany 2004 Museum of Art and Craft, Hamburg / Germany 2006; CSW Łaźnia, Gdansk, 2006; Freies Museum, Berlin / Germany 2005; Art Now / Lodz 2004; Love and Democracy, Stary Browar / Poznań 2005; Berliner Kunstsalon, Nakanojo Biennale / Japan 2015, Mikrokosmos, Ostrava / Czech Republic 2016).