Art group NURT (Mykhaylo Barabash, Yuriy Bulka, Ostap Manulyak)

Mykola Lysenko Lviv National Music Academy

“Anthropogenic Noise”
Interactive installation, 2017

Noise due to its biological nature is a source of pain!
A well-known French economist, writer and public figure, Jacques Attali, writes that noise is any signal interfering in the information transfer process. Even if by itself a signal that prevents the perception of the basic information also has some content, it is rather a destructive function and is extremely undesirable. So how are the basic artistic practices that we encounter everyday in artistic higher education are becoming devastating communicators that are destructive?

Based on a concept by Mykhailo Barabash and Ostap Manulyak; implemented by Yury Bulka.
The installation is located in one of the musically-crowed corridors of Lviv National Academy of Music, connecting the day-to-day practice of musical students with similar activities by students of Lviv Academy of Fine Arts.
The installation listens to the surrounding acoustic environment and plots a graph of loudness and spectral profile of the surrounding sounds. Additionally, upon detecting attacks in the signal, it overlays an exercise drawing by a student from Academy of Fine Arts, in effect creating a collage of drawings, which is confronted with a graph of loundness of musical students’ practice…
Installation uses SuperCollider for sound processing, and osc.js, d3.js and Mozilla Firefox for visual presentation. Running on Debian Gnu/Linux.


Art group “NURT”
(Mykhaylo Barabash, Yuriy Bulka, Ostap Manulyak)

Founded in 2011 by artist Mykhaylo Barabash and composer Ostap Manulyak in Lviv
(Other artists are also involved in various projects, among them: Yuriy Bulka, Ostap Manko, Contemporary Music Ensemble “ConstantY”, etc.)
2011 – Audiovisual installation “Deep in the environment”, Center for Contemporary Art “Solvay”, Krakow, Poland
2011 – “Atmospheric precipitation”, video
2011 – “12 by Coffler”, video
2011 – Musical Performance “12 by Coffler” is dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Joseph Coffler’s birthday.
2012 – Audiovisual performance “Natural Structures”, together with the Konstanty Ensemble of Contemporary Music, within the framework of the Festival of Electroacoustic Music “Vox Electronica”, Powder Tower, Lviv
2012 – Art Action “100 WINCH 4’33” “, within the framework of the International Festival” The Week of Contemporary Art “, Lviv