Tereza Barabash, Ostap Manulyak

Lviv National Academy of Arts

“Noise form”
Audiovisual installation, 2017
Tereza Barabash UA
Sound by Ostap Manulyak UA

Our world is full of different pulsations. Starting from the highest pulsations of light waves, thanks to which we can see colors, and ending with hard slow vibrations of the land from transport. Though, by closing eyes we could save from light, we could not escape from intensive radio and sound frequencies pulsations. The space around us is full of such agglomerations of pulsations of different frequencies so that they turn into noise or a kind of music. Thick net of radio signals and intensive acoustic background always boil on the verge of signal and brakes, of sound and affray, information and noise.


Tereza Barabash UA
Was born in Lviv in 1984.
Works in textile, installation, land art, audio visual art and graphics.
Studied at Lviv National Academy of Art, at the department of textiles.
Is an active participant of exhibitions, planners, art projects in Ukraine and abroad.
Twice (2010, 2016) scholarship holder of «Gaude Polonia» program of Polish Republic Ministry of Culture.
Received numerous awards for her creative activity, two of which are the most significant: the Gold Medal and Award of Akapi Foundation for The best debut on the 15th International Triennial of Tapestry in Lodz, Poland (2016)



Ostap Manulyak UA
Was born in Lviv. Studied composition at the Mykola Lysenko Lviv State Music Academy. In 2006, 2011 won a “Gaude Polonia” scholarship of Ministry of Culture and National Treasure of Polish Republic. Ostap Manulyak is co-founder of Art Association NURT, director of the Festival of electroacoustic music VOX ELECTRONICA (Lviv) and coordinator of the Contemporary music ensemble “ConstantY”.